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JP Smith does Team Building

Since our inception, JP Smith has focused on individual performance with Psychological assessments. With regards to teams, clients have often asked us what we do for team building. Until now, we’ve had a referral pathway where we were able to send those clients to a trusted colleague. However, he has retired! So we’ve taken the opportunity to get some learning in place, to study hard and to develop a team building and team cohesion workshop that will be based on sound, psychological and human resource related principles that will be delivered in a down to earth and practical manner. We’ve listened to a lot of our clients in the formation of this and it would seem that emotional intelligence is an area that is of real interest. As such, this will play a part in our service offering.

Stay tuned for more information on this and at this stage, we will be prepared to deliver these workshops in January 2021. We are still running out pilot programs and doing our “beta testing”. We were our own "guinea pigs" this week and we got a lot out of it.

If you would like to be specifically kept informed of this, please email us at and express your interest and we will keep you informed.

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