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Maintain or Increase your Business Activity!

We can assist your business with Temporary employees. If your business experiences change or faces the challenge of effectively maintaining or increasing output at any one time, then we can help you. There are likely to be a series of possible challenges, some of which can be found below:

• As the owner you need to go away from the office for important work (or even a break!);
• Business activity changes due to seasonal demands; 
• An employee takes sick leave or maternity leave;
• An employee leaves at short notice; 
• You have a specific administrative or technical gap in your business; and/or 
• You need an extra set of hands in your business.

We can provide you with an employee to fill that need in your business, whether it be for a few hours or over a longer period. We have reliable and skilled professionals registered with us who can:

• ‘Guard’ your business whilst you are away; and
• Fit straight into an operational role and contribute to your revenue.

The benefits in temporary staffing options include your ability to sustain production and/or service demands with no added training costs to your business and all administration, payroll and employment requirements covered by our services.

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