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National Psychology Week – How Organisational Psychology Can Assist Your Company

With National Psychology Week kicking off for another year, we are reminded of how psychology plays an important part in assisting many people within the community assess and treat, mental health issues.  While this is both true as well as a great community service, there are many different specialties involving psychology, each with their own unique practices and benefits.

Here at JP Smith, with the help of our in house Psychologists we practice what is commonly known in Australia as Organisational Psychology, which is most easily described as the scientific study of human behaviour within the workplace. This grants us the unique ability to assist our valued clients to improve the performance, motivation, job satisfaction as well as the general health and well-being of their employees.

Some of the organisational psychology services we provide to our clients include:

  • Psychological Testing and Profiling in our Permanent Recruitment Exercises;
  • Employee Assistance Programs  (EAP’s);
  • Staff Performance Management;
  • HR Related Training and; and
  • Outplacement Services.

By integrating Organisational Psychology methods into your business you will not only potentially be better prepared to make better hiring decisions but you will also, ensure that new hires will fit seamlessly into your workplace culture. Further to this, Organisational Psychology can also provide knowledge about how an individual employee is going to handle different workplace situations.

If you’re interested in utilising JP Smith’s Organisational Psychology knowledge in your day to day business, please contact us on (07) 4659 7400. 

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