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One-Way Interviews

Here at JP Smith are currently trialling software that enables asynchronous interviews. These interviews are more commonly known as “One-Way Interviews” and allow the candidate to perform the interview on their own terms. The interviews involve candidates responding to written questions and recording their answers for later viewing by the recruitment consultant. For recruiters, this can be invaluable as it can assist in determining whether candidates are suitable to progress with without having to organise face-to-face interviews, which can be impossible due to calendar conflicts.

The danger recruiters face with the use of such technology is the loss of the personable aspect; some interviewees have expressed unease with the process due to the lack of “social feedback” that they would normally receive in a face-to-face interview.
Conversely, some view the process as a great innovation due to its flexibility in relation to time; candidates who are unable to make interviews during certain times (such as working hours) now have the opportunity to interview when their days allow.

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