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Our Birthday

This month, October 2020, marks 16 years since our service started. In October 2004, we started up McDougall Smith Human Resources & Recruitment, with my then business partner, in Duggan Street in Toowoomba. We had good (and challenging) times, even through the GFC, and the business went well. All good things come to an end and the business partnership dissolved at the end of 2008 which prompted the start of JP Smith Recruitment & Human Resources. Since the beginning, we have been providing recruitment, human resources advice, temporary staffing and psychological profiling and employee assistance programs to a range of different businesses around Queensland, Australia and even internationally. We've had some amazing ups and downs and the noticeable challenges have been through the droughts and the global financial crisis, but that pales in significance to COVID-19. Never have I seen such flux in the employment situation.  I reckon I could write a book on the employer/employee experience and everything I've seen in the last eight months.

From my perspective and in my opinion, we've done some wonderful jobs with clients over the years including those wonderful clients who we still work with today, 16 years on. You really do get to know how a business ticks and operates over that sort of time frame. We've done large scale recruitment exercises in Sydney and I've done psychological profiling in Goomeri. We've tested people in rural New Zealand and Kuala Lumpur and we've done video interviews with people in the same street as us, during COVID.  Talk about diversity!  It's been a fun ride these last 16 years. We love our business, we love our clients (thank you so much!) and we love what we do and we are looking forward to the next 16 years of service in the area.

Jamie Smith & The Team

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