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Putting Your Eggs in the Right Basket

Your best bet in placing the ideal candidate… the first time.

Psychological Testing is not designed to be a crystal ball, but it will tell you if an individual has:

  • The required intelligence to perform the functions of the position (it is proven that the higher the intelligence of an individual, the better their standard of work).
  • A personality that will make them either a leader or a team player (or both).

Think back to a time when you hired what seemed like the perfect match – they had the ideal resume and said all the right things during the interview. Three months into the job they clashed with almost all of the major players in your organisation and then left.

Some of your existing staff may have also left… the net result was lost productivity, lost opportunity, and potentially some valuable long-term staff lost and you’re back to square one, with a position to fill.


The testing process offered at JP Smith is tailored to your specific needs.

Common questions are:

  • How will this individual deal with pressure and stress?
  • Is this person easily trained?
  • Have they got the "drive" we are after?
  • Do they have an aptitude for sales? Do they have the confidence to close the way we need them to?
  • Are they likely to have interpersonal clashes with their teammates or clients?
  • Do they have the speed and accuracy to perform this job correctly?
  • Are they ‘doers’ or procrastinators?
  • Are they assertive enough to delegate work (in leadership roles)?

Another common and widely adopted use for this testing is to examine existing staff in preparation for internal advancement to management roles. You may have someone "on the floor" who looks to be ideal for that next step. With evaluation, you can ensure they have the people skills necessary to manage, along with the technical skills you already know they have.

In some cases, even if testing highlights deficiencies, this can be used to offer training to overcome any issues and ensure your ideal in-house candidate has every chance of success.

Our Psychologists offer a concise testing package and plain language report starting from $2,285 + GST. Please note, this testing is included in our permanent recruitment service fee!

If you are interested to know more, please contact us on 07 4659 7400.

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