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Recruitment - “Quick and Quality” – No!

It’s easy to be caught up in the hype of a Recruitment Agency getting you a “quick and quality outcome”.  The reality of it is that those two –“quick and quality” – rarely come together; it’s one or the other. 

If an organisation is to fully understand who and what they need and then translate that into a full behavioural interviewing process, reference checking,  skills testing and psychological profiling, then, by very nature, it can’t be quick. Especially if you are wanting to go out there and find the very best person. Good people are generally busy and it takes time to get hold of them. You then need to work around everyone’s schedule in order to keep the core business going.

A good recruitment exercise will set you up for success with your people, your team and your end outcomes.   You need to push this process along, but you can’t rush it and, by the very nature of it, it’s going to take some time. For ease of reading, we have our 10 steps but, in actual fact, each of those steps as a number of different “substeps” to them. 

So next time you have a proposal in front of you that offers you quality and a very quick turnaround, ask yourself (and the Consultant) who the quality outcome is for?

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