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Recruitment, Technology and Working in a Crisis

As we’re sure you can understand, this pandemic has had a large impact on the way that we conduct our business. Client meetings, interviews, networking events and industry functions have all been moved to teleconferences, and we are on the phone a lot more often than previously. For a career that focuses on the face-to-face contact and relationships between us and our clients and candidates, it has come as quite a shock to the system.

A few critical pieces of technology are allowing us to continue working and providing a service to our clients in the midst of an ever-changing situation. Internally, we make use of Microsoft Teams, which we believe is a go-to method for communication among teams across the country. Skype and Zoom have both provided us with avenues to continue conducting interviews, speaking with clients and communicating in general. Employment Hero, a product we also offer to clients, has been an invaluable tool for collating the timesheets of our staff affected by the changes to the Awards at the beginning of March, and for rolling out changes to HR policies and documents.  This available to you now for a few dollars, per employee, per month.  Others things worth looking at are:

  • Zapier - It allows you to create and automate workflows. Click a button and it does a whole series of actions and saves you a heck of a lot of time.
  • MS Forms -  Get feedback from your people, your customers and suppliers  in easy-to-use forms/surveys that can then have data extracted from them.   Start making decisions based on data.
  •  Get a soft phone app for your mobile. Have your work calls come straight through, no matter where you are. It's really handy.
  •  Voice recognition – stop typing and start talking into your computer. Not only is it more efficient for most, but it also allows you to get a different tone into your emails as if you were talking with your reader.
  • Calendly -  If you're not using this yet, check it out. We've been using it for a couple of years now and it makes life so much easier for booking appointments. People can see your calendar (minus all the personal information) and just find a slot and book themselves in. No more phone tag.

Yes, the times have necessitated change, but we have found technology adaptable and fluid enough to face the challenge, and it allows us to continue in our work for you.

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