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Reference Check’s – Why Are They Important?

A reference check on a possible candidate can help you with your final decision. It is all good and well to hear what a candidate thinks about themselves, but what does their recent employer think? By utilising a reference check, three is always best, you can gain more insight into how the candidate really performed in their previous positions.

By conducting a quality reference check you can confirm what the candidate has discussed in the interview process and what they have written on their resume. It is always good to find out exactly what a previous employer thinks about the candidate. Asking questions such as ‘would you rehire the candidate?’ always seems to encourage discussion.

Make sure you’re talking to the right person, either a manager or supervisor of the candidate; someone who can provide a quality insight into how the applicant performed. Calling a landline number of a company is a good way to ensure that the referee is legitimate.

Here at JP Smith we provide our clients with three quality reference checks on the candidate of choice, probing at particular qualities or habits where required. This focused approach means that we can help you find your next star employee.

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