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Skills Testing

As part of our normal recruitment process, we conduct computerised skills testing for the candidates. We have a fantastic skills-testing program that covers everything from basics like typing speed and data entry accuracy, through to office administration skills and Office365 proficiency.  It then extends into things like accounts and bookkeeping skills, drafting and drawing skills and even programming skills. We have literally hundreds of different tests to choose from, each test is $40 plus GST so it really works out to be quite economical to run a candidate through some testing. You name the skill and chances are, we can test for it.  This testing can either be emailed out to the candidate where they can do it in the comfort of their home or, they can do it at our office. We offer these as a stand alone service, so if you are doing your own recruitment and you want to ascertain some hard data on your candidates, we can get this testing done for you simply, quickly and cheaply.

If you would like a complete list of every test that we have, just email us at and we will email you back with a spreadsheet with all the tests on it.

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