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Social Media and Recruitment

Social Media is a big deal. Over the last decade, its relevance in both the social and corporate worlds has skyrocketed. Almost every business uses at least one Social Media platform, be that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or one of the many other, smaller-time medias such as Yammer. LinkedIn has become a must-have in the corporate world, with many industries now incorporating it into their business processes; they can converse over it, suss out other companies and their members, and it can be a great source of Human Capital for recruitment. To the large-scale recruitment firms, LinkedIn is a gold mine; a public database where people list their skills and experience without the need for initial correspondence.

However, this lack of need for initial correspondence can result in firms losing the personable aspect to their recruitment process; in this current age, large-scale recruiters need only send an instant message to an applicant, with a brief job description, in order to engage them. Research shows that robust engagement tactics, such as video job descriptions and the like, gain more engagement from applicants, and show greater results. We at JP Smith strive for the strong connection with candidates that more personable approaches provide.  

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