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Social Media – Have you thought about your latest post?

Have you thought about who is looking at your Facebook Profile? Social Media is here to stay; it opens the lines of communication in times where people are finding less free time to keep in contact with loved ones. It is fun to share memories of events and parties, but if you are applying for a position where a level of conformity or professionalism is required – I would advise exercising some caution. 

If you put information on the public domain it can be accessed for any purpose, whether you are aware of it or not. This can be seen as a breach of privacy or it can be seen as proactively researching a potential employee’s suitability to a position. Whether this is right or wrong has caused many a dinner party conversation, but is it worth risking your chance of missing out on that key appointment? 

Recently I heard of a case where an employer was forced to make a hard decision on some staffing issues. The staff members who were affected decided to voice their disapproval on their Facebook profiles and specifically named people in management positions responsible for the decision. This can verge on slander and the Facebook owners names were directly attached to those comments – this is very dangerous territory and I personally would not want to be providing the test case for the Courts. 

So have fun, enjoy yourself, share memories with family and friends but keep in mind – Do you know who will be looking at your site?

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