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Step One for Better Teams

‘Intelligence’ is not just being book smart. Improve team productivity, cohesion, and performance by looking at EQ. 

Intelligence encompasses more than just book smarts. Visual, Verbal, Logical, Musical and Emotional, all make up one’s ability to learn and apply new knowledge and skills.  

Emotional Intelligence (EQ for short) describes how people interact in the workplace.  

All human beings bring their own set of EQ skills, which are ultimately interacting with those of the people in their teams. As the leader of the team, developing Team EQ can increase team productivity, cohesion, and performance. But how do you do it? 

Step One – Team Values 

Values are the direction we want to continue to go towards. Goals are the steps along the way. Think of values as the compass as to how your team will act. Once you identify your team values, you can work on developing workplace behaviours that take you toward your goals.  

What five values best describe your team and what you’re trying to achieve?  

Accountability Achievement Advancement Adventure
Appreciation Authenticity Balance Boldness
Brilliance Calmness Caring Commitment
Community Compassion Consistency Cooperation
Courage Creativity Credibility Curiosity
Diversity Empathy Encouragement Equality
Excellence Fairness Fitness Flexibility
Freedom Fun Generosity Honesty
Humility Independence Innovation Inspiration
Intuition Justice Kindness Knowledge
Mindfulness Optimism Patience Personal Development 
Power Relationships Respect Self-Awareness
Self-Care Self-Control Spirituality Stability
Success Thoughtfulness Trust Wealth


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Want to learn more? Tune into the Invisibilia podcast called “Emotions” to learn more about what EQ is. 

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