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Supporting Each Other Through Difficult Times

  • Human nature is to help each other during difficult times. Consider allowing your staff to volunteer their support to others in need.
  • Show compassion to those who may be waiting on news of friends and family. Strictly speaking, Compassionate Leave is to be used “upon the death of a member of the immediate family or household; to spend time with a member of the immediate family or household who is suffering from a serious or life threatening personal illness or injury”; however you may consider allowing anyone impacted, to take Compassionate Leave to be able to attend to their family emergencies.
  • Keep in touch – make sure you are touching base with your team to check that they and their families are OK and offer any support that you can.
  • Look at what your business can do – the radio stations are a great place to hear where resources are needed. There are heart warming calls coming through from business who aren’t able to operate, but are ‘donating’ their time, equipment, vehicles etc to any area where the need is greatest. 
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