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Temporary Staff – The Benefits and Risks

In this article, we want to put the spotlight on Temp Staffing and the key pros and cons.

The Benefits:

Speed. Temp Staff can be an effective quick solution. If you have suddenly had an employee leave and there is a gap in your business, they can be a great solution to cover your business needs.
Time. The recruiter, that’s us, takes care of the initial time investment. We treat our Temp Staff with the same diligence as a permanent staff member. They come to you having had a full interview, skills testing and are reference checked.
Security. For many businesses, there are notable time periods each year where the business workload increases. A great example is end of financial year. Additional Temp Staff can be brought on to give you some extra hands in the time you need it most.
Specialist Skills. You may be completing a project where you don’t have a particular technical skillset inherent in the business. Temp Staff can be a great way to inject technical expertise into your business for exactly the amount of time that you need them.
Flexibility. Unlike permanent or contract solutions, Temp Staffing is completely flexible. If your needs change and you want to increase or decrease hours, you can do so with immediate effect.

The Risks:

Flexibility. On the other side, the same flexibility is offered to the employee. If they secure other work during the placement, they reserve the ability to also cease the agreement. In this instance, we source another employee to take their place, but this can introduce an element of re-training and a potential resource drain depending on the expertise required in the role.
Integration. Given the brief nature of Temp Staff, it is important to ensure their involvement and presence does not influence your existing team. Communication is key – Before the Temp employee starts, be sure to communicate with the team why they are starting and how they can assist.

Temporary staffing can be a real asset to a business when used in the right way. As a longstanding local recruitment agency, we are always here to discuss your needs and what solutions would work best.

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