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The Benefits of an EAP for You and Your Staff

To understand the benefits an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can have for you and your staff, you must first understand what an EAP is.

An EAP can be defined as a program designed by your business to assist employees with personal issues that may arise in their lives and impact on their work performance, general health and overall well-being. An EAP can include counselling by qualified practitioners who are trained in dealing with issues, both simple and complex and who can recognise the need for referral through to relevant services and professionals trained in specific areas of need.

Full time employees often spend more time at work than they do at home. Due to this, it can sometimes be difficult to leave personal issues at home and this can then affect your employee’s ability to concentrate and manage their tasks, whilst at work. These personal issues may range from health concerns and relationship breakdowns or, substance abuse through to financial concerns. Anything that can affect your employee’s lives can cause stress and decreased productivity within the workplace. By having an effective EAP in place, your staff are given the opportunity to discuss their personal troubles in a private and confidential setting and you, as the business owner, can rely on having emotionally and physically healthy staff in your team.

Keeping in mind the effect personal problems can have on a workplace, there are a number of benefits associated with EAP’s and these are listed below:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Sick/Personal Leave
  • Improved Relationships between you and your Staff
  • Less Stress
  • Open Channels of Communication

And most importantly:


If you are committed to maintaining a happy and healthy working environment and if you have concerns for your staff and their emotional and physical well-being, it may be time to investigate implementing an EAP and instilling a “Healthy Human Resources” culture into your workplace.

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