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The Bottom Line

Temporary staffing is on the increase and part of this new found fascination is due to lower financial costs. Finding a new employee can be an arduous process. Holding interviews, short listing applications and assessing skills takes time and time is money, not to mention it diverts key staff away from their day to day operations. The benefit of hiring a temporary staff member is that JP Smith Recruitment takes care of all those tasks for you and has the responsibility of processing all payroll for the temporary staff member. This takes the pressure off your organisation and allows the temporary staff member to focus solely on their work for your company. 

Seeking a specialist skill? JP Smith will ensure the temporary staff member comes equipped with the skill level you need and therefore reduces the cost of training your current staff. Understaffed? Temporary staff eliminate overtime costs, burn out costs associated with sick leave and turnover of permanent staff, as well as allowing your staff to maintain or increase their productivity. In essence, if your bottom line needs improving, consider the benefits of temporary staffing next time you find yourself short staffed.

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