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The Global Reach of the Internet

One by-product of the continuing integration of the internet into standard business functions, is the removal of geographic barriers to communication and engagement. In the current age, candidates from all over the world can apply to any of our roles. This provides us with an almost unlimited talent pool with which to service our clients’ needs.

This global reach also allows us to find and use methodologies, theories and procedures from the worldwide recruitment industry. This intellectual property has proven invaluable in deepening our understanding of different roles, industries and markets, information which allows us to find the “right fit” between candidate and client. 

Once again, LinkedIn is a perfect example of a method by which to liaise and engage with people over the world in a business-minded space. A person’s profile allows them to communicate their experience and skills to potential employers or recruiters across the globe. Articles written and shared on the Social Media medium provide readers with insight into the thoughts and lives of experts in their fields, which in turn allows the reader to incorporate the best practices into their own work.

But there is one thing that always brings a smile to people’s faces and gives them a great experience – that’s picking up the phone. For all the increased communicative software and technology that has come about, we still get the best understanding, the best interaction and the best feedback from people we talk with on the phone. Don’t forget the basics.

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