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The Importance of Reference Checking

Reference checking is a vital tool in the recruitment process and is as important for short term, temporary employment as it is for permanent staff. 

Effective reference checking can save you, the employer, valuable time and money by delving into the employment history of candidates which may not have been discussed during the interview process. Reference checks are designed to:

  • Verify information obtained from the candidate. For example; dates of employment and positions held:
  • Reveal in depth information regarding the candidate's strengths and weaknesses associated with their work;
  • Find out how the candidate responds to direction from superiors and colleagues;
  • Discover the candidate's ability to work to time frames and remain accurate with their work; and
  • Determine if the candidate has maintained a satisfactory attendance record at previous places of work.

By completing thorough reference checks you can be assured that you are given useful information that can then be used as a management tool for your employee. And remember, always ask the referee, "Would you have this person back?"...

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