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The JP Smith Recruitment Process – What does it actually look like?

The need for ‘value for money’ in any service which a business or individual invests in, is becoming increasingly important in recent times. Therefore, to help you better understand the value that we aim to add to each recruitment experience, we are going to break down step by step our process.

Step 1 – Conduct an Exit Interview (where possible)

This provides us with an insight into the role of the person who was most recently in the position.

Step 2 – Establish the Exact, Current Role

We discuss the role in its entirety with you, the client, to understand what the role entails from a management perspective.

Step 3 – Establish the Exact Fit Needed

What skills does the right candidate need? Also, what would the right fit in personality and culturally?

Step 4 – Run an Effective Attraction Campaign

Not only will we use Best Practice methods when writing an ad to ensure it reaches all potential applications but we will also ensure to contact potential candidates directly.  

Step 5 – Shortlisting

We carefully screen each application as it comes in seeking candidates with the required previously obtained skills, experience and qualifications.

Step 6 – Interviews

We conduct thorough interviews using both behavioural and situations interviewing techniques. We then compile a comprehensive summary of our top candidates and send this onto you, the client, for your own deliberation and interviews.

Step 7 – Reference Checking

We conduct reference checks and skills testing (where applicable) on hard skills on your Top Candidate. Our reference checks look into a candidate’s strengths, weakness, attendance, communication and accuracy in the workplace.

Step 8 - Psychological Testing

Our Psychological Testing focuses on testing candidate soft skills is conducted in-house and provides information on how to manage the personality and cognitive traits of the candidate in your workplace.

Step 9 – Employment Contract Assistance

We can act as a middle man throughout the negotiations of the offer to ensure both client and candidate are satisfied with the contract.

Step 10 – The Follow-Up Process

We contact the successful candidate and yourself at key points during their first 12 months of their employment to ensure you are both still satisfied with the placement.

(The Hidden Step) Step 11 – The Rejected Candidates

It is standard procedure for us to contact every candidate which applies for a position through us to notify them of the outcome of their application.

Each step of our process is carefully designed and completed with a high degree of integrity and commitment to client needs to ensure that the end result is a happy client and a valued team member.


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