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The Profile of a Good Temp

Temporary staff are often an overlooked area of business; jobseekers are often willing to work temporary contracts. These temp contracts could be during a particularly busy period for your business, or when a staff member takes extended leave. Finding the right person to fill this temporary role though, can sometimes be tough. Here is an overview of the ideal temp staff member.  

First and foremost, the candidate’s skill set needs to closely match the position requirements. Matching skills and even industry experience to ensure the greatest level of satisfaction and effectiveness is key. Cultural fit is also an important consideration when choosing the right candidate for a temporary contract; spending the right amount of time interacting with the candidate to get a better understanding of them assists in finding the right fit.  

JP Smith has been assisting companies on the Darling Downs with their temporary staffing solutions for over a decade now, with a high rate of client and candidate satisfaction. You can be guaranteed that any candidate we place in a temporary position is backed by our tertiary qualified consultants, thoroughly vetted and tested for the required skills and experiences. JP Smith also maintains contact with client and candidate throughout the whole contract to make sure everything moves along smoothly. 

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