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Watch this Space! New Service Coming…

With the vast majority of employees working in team-based work environments, having a cohesive and productive team couldn’t be more important. Grounded in the research behind Emotional Intelligence (EI), one of our Registered Psychologists will deliver a tailored workshop and work with you to achieve better team outcomes, whether your goal is increased productivity, cohesion or simply bottom-line savings.

So what is Emotional Intelligence exactly?

Simply put, EI is a set of emotional and social skills that people use to understand and express their own emotions and understand and relate to other people’s emotions.

At the core of every successful team is clear and open dialogue where team members can effectively communicate over work tasks and be driven to the same end goal. Central to effective communication is the team’s ability to understand and effectively respond to their own and other team members emotions.

With robust evidence showing that EI is a key factor predictor of Team Performance, our Team Building services will utilise EI to help employees gain a greater understanding of how they understand and respond to emotions both as a team and individually.

There will be two variants of our Team Building service including a Foundations and an Advanced workshop. The Foundations workshop will focus on the basics - getting an understanding of how the team responds to emotion and instilling effective team communication. The Advanced workshop is tailored for high performing teams that are looking to refine their interactions and increase their performance, effectiveness and bottom-line results.

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