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What are 360 degree reviews?

“What on earth is a 360° Review?” Keep on reading to find out what it is and the benefits for you and your company.

360° Reviews allow a company to determine the true effectiveness of the management style being utilised by a particular manager or leader. This is done by collecting feedback from the team working under the manager in question, along with feedback from colleagues on the same level and then their own supervisor/manager. This creates a full circle for the review, hence 360°.

By completing a 360° review, a manager can find out if their leadership style is effective, and if they are leading at all. If a manager is not truly leading the people reporting to them, chances are other aspects of business are being allowed to fall behind. This is why 360° reviews are so important in the workplace. It allows the manager to see the area they need to improve upon, and also to capitalise upon strengths they already have and utilise within the workplace. 

So next time you hear your company talking about 360° reviews, don’t fret, it is a great way to understand what people think about your leadership style and how you can be a more effective leader.

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