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What does Psychological Testing reveal?

The testing process offered at JP Smith Recruitment and HR is tailored to your specific needs and can be focused on areas that need improvement in your specific business or team. Common questions that our Psychological Testing can answer include:

  1. How will this individual deal with pressure and stress?
  2. Is this person easily trained?
  3. Have they got the "drive" we are after?
  4. Do they have an aptitude for sales?
  5. Do they have the confidence to complete what we need them to?
  6. Are they likely to have interpersonal clashes with their teammates or clients?
  7. Do they have the speed and accuracy to perform this job correctly?
  8. Are they ‘doers’ or procrastinators?
  9. Are they assertive enough to delegate work (in leadership roles)?

Our psychological testing services are not only beneficial for new recruits but also for existing staff in preparation for internal advancement into management roles and to prepare for, or to assist in times of change. We can also test a department in your business to see how your team can work together in a more cohesive and tailored manner. By using psych testing we can determine whether your employees are ready for that next step into a higher role or how to approach times of change and indifference.

In some cases, even if testing highlights deficiencies, this can be used to offer training to overcome issues and ensure your ideal in-house employees have every chance of success!

If you are interested or would like to know more, email, or call us on (07) 4659 7400.

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