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What is a Temp?

You hear about people putting “temps” into their business. A temporary staff member or a “temp” is someone who can come into your business and provide the skills that you need for a fixed price for a fixed period of time. You can have someone on an hourly rate or you can have someone on a fixed contract. Quite often we provide administrative temps when people have members of their team away on sick leave, maternity leave or even holidays. When you get busy and you need an extra set of hands, a temp can help. You can have someone for a minimum of four hours, just the day, just a week or just the month. Whatever you need.

Here are the facts:

  • The temp is an employee of JP Smith and on our payroll;
  • JP Smith pays their wage, their superannuation, WorkCover, payroll tax et cetera; and
  • All you pay is an hourly rate for the amount of hours that person works.

For example, over the Christmas period, we had a couple of clients who had resignations in their business as employees had taken other positions, in other companies. They wanted to take their time in recruiting the right person to replace that role so they got a temp in to fill in for a few weeks.

Temps are efficient, flexible and cost effective. I am sure you outsource a number of functions in your business, so when you need some temporary help, why wouldn’t you outsource this as well?

Jamie Smith

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