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What’s the Deal with Temporary Recruitment?

In today’s competitive market, it can seem more and more difficult to gain a permanent full-time position. Well you are in luck, because there is more than one option to gain employment and experience in today’s competitive market. Have you ever considered Contract or Temporary placements?

The great thing about temporary work is just that, it is temporary. You gain the experience from working with an employer, generally while another staff member is on leave, and you learn how to adapt and change your approach for your next opportunity. Temporary work is great for those people who are looking for variety and constant change. One day you could be working as an Administration Officer in an Accounting firm, and then the next time it could be with a Construction Company.

Contract work, as well as temporary work can vary in lengths of employment. You will generally find that contract roles are for a longer period, even going up to two or three years. These opportunities are more suited to those people who are looking for a bit more stability in their work environment, while still having the change of style when they move between one industry and the next.

The greatest benefit of taking a temporary or contract role is “Networking” – getting your name out there. The more people you know on a professional level, the more opportunities that can come your way.

To register your interest for temporary opportunities please go to our website under the jobs section and apply to ‘Expressions of Interest – Temporary Opportunities’.

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