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What’s your Work Model? (1)

Business tends to be in a constant state of change and 2020 has certainly made us flex more than ever before. Often with the goal of improving the bottom line or growing the business, we are constantly looking for any opportunities to innovate and make our teams more productive. 

As we come towards the end of this year, it is a good time to reflect on the ways we have adapted to the pandemic and explore whether these changes could be beneficial to the future of our work.  

Deloitte recently released a report on Re-Architecting Work Models which re-imagines the ways business could structure their work and roles.  

Here are some of the lessons we have learned in the last year and practices we want to keep using in the future.  

Technology must be fit for purpose 

All technology introduced into the workplace should create efficiencies. We have found it helpful to consider who the “end user” is. For example, rather than subscribing specifically to one online video call platform, we found it more efficient to have our clients and candidates choose a platform they were familiar with which reduced connection downtime during meetings and interviews and created some great efficiencies.  

What is old is new 

Sometimes one of the best ways to innovate is to ask yourself what has been done before. The pandemic has shaken and stirred the way a team interacts and some of the old regular work practices may not have recommenced since returning to the physical workplace.  In the last month, we have taken the time to sit down as a group and discuss some of the initiatives/ practices we would like to start doing again. Re-introducing the old has had a positive effect among the group.  

Mind the ‘third space’ 

The third space is the gap workers have between the time spent at work and the time spent at home. Pre-Covid, this was often the commute to and from work be it in the car or on public transport. As remote working arrangements become more commonplace it is essential to put into practice effective ways for their employees to wind down and wind up for work.  

While there are many lessons learned from the pandemic, these are a few we have observed. Take the time to reflect on what has helped your business during this year and see if there are elements you would integrate into your future work model.  

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