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What's your style?

Employees who work for a good manager are more likely to achieve better outcomes. It is important to embrace and instill positive management methods in the workplace to inspire your staff. For decades researchers have been interested in effective management and leadership styles, leading to a defined list of different types of management styles; some proving to be more effective than others.

Best Management Styles

  1. Visionary – Firm but fair - communicates a purpose and direction and convince their team to work hard to execute their vision.
  2. Democratic – Majority rules – managers let their employees participate in the decision-making process.
  3. Transformational – Innovators – believe change and growth are essential and encourage their employees to go outside of their comfort zone.
  4. Coaching – Just like a sports coach – strive to improve their teams' long-term professional development.

Management Styles to Avoid

  1. Autocratic- Top-down approach to management – leader delegates and expects immediate acceptance and execution.
  2. Servant – People first and tasks second – they prioritize their employee’s well-being over their team’s results.
  3. Laissez-faire – Completely hands-off – expect their team to perform up to a certain level even though they don’t proactively help or check-in with their employees.
  4. Transactional – “If you do this for me, I’ll do this for you” - Use incentives and rewards to motivate their employees to carry out their commands.

4 Management Styles to Strive For and 4 to Avoid (

Why do you need to know about your management style?

Understanding your management style and how to apply it effectively can be a crucial element in producing positive outcomes for your team. Do you consider yourself an energizer, harmonizer, or forecaster?

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By better understanding management styles, your organisation can create and implement guidelines for the type of managers best suited for you, which will tend to lead to more engaged employees, lower turnover and better business outcomes.

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