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When all Else Fails Make a Phone Call

Email is fast becoming the predominant form of communication within offices and between businesses. This type of communication can be very effective, it is fast, convenient and gets your message across clearly, or does it? Research shows that through written communication we miss out on the fundamentals of the message, the non-verbals or body language which can make up 50 – 80% of what the author intended the message to entail.

It is easy for us to fall into the trap of writing a quick email instead of picking up the phone, but how often have we received emails back asking for further clarification? In these cases it would have been quicker to pick up the phone and save wasting that extra time spent explaining yourself.

Another issue largely surrounding offices is staff tying themselves to their desks; we are no longer getting up and interacting with our colleagues. While it can be easier to send through a quick email to co-workers we are losing that face to face communication with one another. How do you build and maintain trust and rapport that way?  Getting up out of your chair and walking those few extra steps can do a world of good. For starters it is not good to sit all day and a bit of exercise never hurt anyone, you may even find inspiration when getting away from your computer. Making the effort to go and speak with your colleagues face-to-face can help clarify issues more quickly, allow you to stay up to date with what everyone has on, and can help maintain a team environment.

So go on, get up from your desk and go and see people face-to-face, build those relationships and utilise your best tool, you!

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