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Why Invest in Executive Search?

If you have identified the need for a new Executive in your business, getting the right person, in the right role is critical to continued growth and profitability of your business. Finding and ensuring that the person you aim to place in the role is a fit requires an investment of a large amount of time, which can result in a massive loss of your productivity.  

One of the areas you need to consider most is; objectivity. That is, can you be truly objective if you are recruiting for that individual yourself? The best executive search processes have an external influence and have at least three people on the interviewing panel.   The range of views and inputs will ensure different areas are covered and scrutiny comes from different angles. It will also assist in the objectivity of decision-making.

The other area is psychological profiling. Executives are well versed in most or all areas of the function they are applying for. They will talk knowledgeably about the balance sheet, growth, people, information and risk management. However, you need to know what drives these individuals and how they cope under the various circumstances your organisation will throw at them. Knowing their motivators, their strengths and weaknesses and how they will react will benefit you, your Board and your people in general.   Psychological profiles often pull together all the other information and questions that you have from the interviews, site visits and reference checks.

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