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Your Culture and why it’s Critical to Know

Culture is critical to success. The way individuals in your business react with each other, with external parties, their attitude towards service and their alignment with your core values. These all lend themselves to creating an effective (or ineffective) organisation.  

Knowing the culture of your business can be a tricky thing, as it is dependent upon your employees and stakeholders, as well as yourself. The best way to start to discover the culture of your business is through asking your employees.  

You can devise a series of questions to be administered to your employees, that can assess a wide variety of factors, facets and opinions about the business and your culture. This data can then be used to gain insight into areas of concerns, areas of strength and areas of division in your organisation.  

To do this, we partner with your business and help clarify what the objectives are, what the data means (pun intended) and how to go about improving the culture. Interested in learning more about this? Give us a call on 07 4659 7400 or 07 3333 2200. 

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