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Your Slice of the Skilled Market

Between the floods of candidates and job vacancies is a shimmering slice of the market, the superstars who are skilled and in high demand. There are currently over 2000 active jobs listed on Seek within the Toowoomba and Darling Downs region alone, with Trades and Services (372), Healthcare & Medical (225) and Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics (194) dominating the space. So why aren’t the pieces falling into place? Where is your superstar?


It takes candidates less than a minute to apply for a job online but it can take the employer much, much longer to determine if they are a true fit. At JP Smith, we have made it our business to see your business not only attract but retain the brightest and best candidates. So, here’s our advice:

Doing recruitment alone? Be prepared with the correct skills tests to ensure your shimmering slice is ready to hit the ground running.

Skills Testing: You name the skill and chances are, we can test for it. We offer hundreds of these skills tests at $40 plus GST as a stand-alone or add-on service, so if you are doing your own recruitment this can be a simple, quick and affordable boost.

If you’ve been bending over backwards, and just can’t seem to find the superstar you’ve been searching for, don’t panic. You are certainly not alone. Candidates that are skilled, or high in demand in some area, are often snapped up in a heartbeat. No longer are candidates waiting for application closure dates to weigh their options.

Each day, our team of professionals have their eyes on the prize, so you can keep your business doing what it does best. Not only do we actively search for your next superstar, but we can also utilise our industry connections to see who is out there right now.

If you would like to know more or to see how we can find your next superstar, reach out to Kirsty Bennett today. We offer recruitment packages with a  retention guarantee. You can read more here: or view candidates trying to find their superstar employer here:

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