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5 Points to Remember to Help do the Best Recruitment Job

  1. Before you go down the track of recruiting for someone, look at your existing team, look at their capabilities and think to yourself, who could do this new role? Hiring and promoting from within, sends a really positive message to your team and gives people the opportunity to move up.
  2. When you write your job ad, don’t make it a job description! An advertisement is not a job description. Your advertisement should cover the points that you need but you need to talk about the culture of your organisation, what’s in it for the individual applying and all the other factors, rather than just tasks and roles.
  3. Don’t always cast aside resumes that don’t look fancy. Sometimes, people who don’t have fantastic Microsoft Word skills or graphic arts skills, still might make an excellent salesperson, engineer etcetera. Fancy doesn't mean functional.
  4. Have some relevant questions for the interview. Anyone can go into an interview and “have a chat”. A real interview investigates people’s skills, attitudes and performance in relation to the job you want them to do. If you want to have a lengthy chat about irrelevant matters with no result – ring your communications carrier...
  5. Get back to people.  I know it’s not easy giving people the bad news if they haven’t got the job, but it is essential. Communication is a two way street and when you have that courtesy, you will get that respect and can be proud of the fact that you are doing the right thing, as well as providing a boost to your public image.

Jamie Smith

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