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Jodi Willis
BSc, Dip Psych, M(Org) Psych Psychologist

ABOUT Jodi Willis

Jodi is a registered psychologist with a background in organisational psychology, employment services, and occupational rehabilitation.  Moving to Toowoomba from Brisbane 16 years ago for a new job, Jodi got more than she expected, also finding a husband and going on to raise a young family here.  With her children all at school now, Jodi has returned to work as a psychologist with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to helping people thrive in organisational settings.  With a keen interest in psychological assessment, Jodi seeks to ensure people’s personality, abilities, and vocational interests fit their work environment, encouraging happy and productive individuals and workplaces.  Jodi brings a practical, common-sense approach to her work; based on a solid foundation of masters degree qualifications in organisational psychology, over ten years relevant employment experience, and a genuine interest in helping people at both an individual and organisational level.

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